bkTools dot net

hi, welcome to bktools. bktools is a very small software developer. Actually its just me at the moment.
I don't believe that any software doodad can answer the needs of all of the users, and I take pride in building software tools that take a second look at the way things are done, and provide a better user experience.

I emphasize straightforward UI design, process that is as generalized as possible, extensibility, and small, affordable, cooperative software. I try my best to harmonize with the user experience already in place, and in my experience this makes the utilities that I write more powerful.

I hope your visit proves fruitful.

by downloading my free apps you are taking on all of the liability of using them. Strainer and troll however, are available in the mac app store and are subject the the agreements therein. If you like my apps, please give me feedback on the store.

unless otherwise noted, all software requires os x 10.6 or better.

Now to the goodies:

troll strainer nameCleanser easy baseName