if strainer revolutionizes file name renaming... then nameCleanser Fixes it

nameCleanser was born out of frustration. file name fixing apps are all clunky, slow and buggy as all get out. I wrote name cleanser to get the job done, and not make the user angry with extraneous interface. I've heard many file name fixers claim to be the fastest, I've even tried to substantiate these claims. know what I found? all of the commercial filename fixers crash, when you give them a couple hundred files to trudge through.

well, all of them except nameCleanser.

there's nothing fancy, no undo, no preview. Its a little quirky (you must hit enter after you type in a text field for it to take) but it has one feature that makes the quirk worth every penny... its free. Its on you if you use it, but I have been using it in its current state for over 7 years. It works.

click here to download name cleanser: